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Prepare for your breastfeeding journey! Pre-order your copy of 'Preparing to Breastfeed' today before the 31st May launch!


Delve into this comprehensive guide designed to support you through every step of beginning breastfeeding. From mastering the art of latching to navigating common concerns like milk supply and breastfeeding in public, this guide offers evidence-based information, practical tips, and compassionate guidance.


Whether you're an expectant mother eager to start breastfeeding or your nursing journey has just begun, 'Preparing to Breastfeed,' has you covered. Empower yourself with knowledge and embrace your breastfeeding journey with confidence and compassion.


Pre-order now and join the 200,000+ mothers around the world who are supported and inspired by The Breastfeeding Mentor.


With love,



Preparing to Breastfeed

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