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Now with the accompanying weaning guide free! Get unlimited access to this hour long workshop with Danielle, helping you to navigate weaning your little one off the breast at any age. This workshop will guide you through the 10 step guide, 'Weaning with Love,' so that you feel empowered to:


  • Introduce breastfeeding boundaries
  • Stop breastfeeding on demand
  • Transition from breastfeeding to formula feeding
  • Transition from breastfeeding to combi-feeding
  • Transition from breastfeeding at the breast to pumping (partially or exclusively)
  • Night wean
  • Wean completely 


You do not have to stop breastfeeding cold turkey ans actaully, doing so has numerous risks for you and your child. Buy the webinar and get the PDF weaning guide worth £35.00 FREE with code: BOGOF (add both items to your cart and enter this code at the checkout).

Breastfeeding Weaning Webinar

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