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'Self Care: The Breastfeeding Edition'

50 Practical, Evidence-Based Tips for New, Nursing & Pumping Moms

by Danielle Facey, MSc

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The ideal combination of informative and anecdotal, Danielle Facey, AKA The Breastfeeding Mentor, shares personal reflections on navigating the transition to nursing mother in a practical and compassionate way. Heart-warming, funny and brutally honest, these are the tips, tricks and lessons that every experienced breastfeeding parent wishes they had known before the birth of their baby, from a mom who has been there, done that and got the milk-stained t-shirt.

From returning to work to resuming your sex-life, Self Care: The Breastfeeding Edition is full of judgement-free guidance from The Breastfeeding Mentor. Practical and achievable, this book is full of advice that is rooted in psychological theory and yogic philosophy. Danielle uses her experiences as a mother and teacher to guide you through the barriers to taking care of yourself as a nursing mom. Whether it is for three weeks, three months or three years, the contents of this book will empower you to breastfeed on your own terms through self love and self care.

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