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Returning to work and breastfeeding?


Whether your maternity leave is a matter of weeks, months or even years long, going back to work can be an incredibly stressful time - it certainly was for me. I loved breastfeeding my son, who was 9 months old when I returned to work, but I had no idea how I would juggle nursing him alongside my full-time job. How would he fall asleep without me? Would I need to pump to maintain my supply? What were my rights at work as a breastfeeding mother? 

If these are the questions that keep you awake at night (alongside nursing and pumping!), let me ease your anxieties with my practical, realistic guide to continuing to breastfeed upon your return to the workplace. Includes detailed answers to questions like:

  • My baby won't accept a bottle - what do I do?

  • Is pumping at work essential if I want to keep breastfeeding?

  • How will I cope with sleep deprivation without sleep training?

As ever, this guide in rooted in my experiences as a mother who is passionate about gentle responsive parenting and about empowering others to breastfeed on their own terms, for as long as they so choose. 

With Love,



Returning to Work and Breastfeeding

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