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Work with Me

I would love to work with you to support you to:

  • Navigate life as a nursing or pumping mother who is returning to work;

  • Take care of yourself whilst continuing to breastfeed;

  • Feel confident in your decision to continue breastfeeding amidst criticism;

  • Introduce breastfeeding boundaries (including night weaning)

  • Wean your child(ren) off the breast completely in a gentle and responsive way. 

My methodology and advice is always rooted in psychological theory and the principles of intuitive, attachment parenting. 

Please send any press or business enquiries to:

Consultation Services


1-2-1 Breastfeeding Wellness Consultation

Let's spend 45 minutes together deep diving into the obstacles to your health and wellness as a breastfeeding mother. Work with me come up with a plan together to help you take care of yourself as well as meeting your breastfeeding goals - even without a village of support.


1-2-1 Breastfeeding Weaning Consultation

Introducing breastfeeding boundaries, stopping nursing to sleep or bringing your breastfeeding journey to a conclusion may feel like an impossible task. This is especially true if your nursling wants to continue. Let's tackle weaning together: gently & with love.


6 Months of 1-2-1 Weaning Support

Looking for support every step of the way on your weaning journey? Get one Zoom call a month plus weekly email support direct from Danielle as you navigate:

- Stopping nursing on demand

- Introducing breastfeeding boundaries

- Night weaning

- Stopping feeding to sleep

- Reconciling weaning guilt

- Navigating weaning blues

Mama Flo

"I wish I had found The Breastfeeding Mentor when I had my son. This is the best breastfeeding information on the internet and I absolutely love everything about it."
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